Partial Dentures

What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are permanent or removable prosthetic devices that restore a patient’s smile.┬áPartial dentures fit securely into the patient’s mouth to replace the missing teeth. Additionally, they provide comfort and functionality.

This type of denture is a common option when one or more natural teeth remain in the area for support. In contrast to full dentures, partial dentures can be placed around teeth that are still in place instead of replacing the entire set of teeth.

What do Partial Dentures fix?

Partial Dentures | Prosthodontics of New York | New York City NY

Over several visits, spaced apart, our staff can place your new set of partial dentures. Patients are able to eat, speak and smile without difficulty once partial dentures are in place. Partial dentures can:

  • Replace one or more missing or diseased teeth
  • Restore the appearance and function of the teeth
  • Reduce the risk of gum disease.

Caring for Partial Dentures

Just as natural teeth, partial dentures require daily oral care. This includes brushing twice-a-day, flossing, and regular cleanings. Over time, the dentures may require adjustments that our experienced staff, including Dr. Roberts and Dr. Sirota, can fix.

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